Integrated Biology

Department of Integrated Biology

 Integrated Biology is an advanced field of cross-disciplinary and multitaxon research and the crux of it relies on principles transforming the 21st century science. Collaborative and integrative biology focuses on new information and diverse expertise to problems, by becoming broader and more exploratory as a consequence. Highly research oriented, this stream facilitates new approaches to resolving complex questions.

Biological research is in the midst of a revolutionary change due to the integration of powerful technologies along with new concepts and methods derived from inclusion of physical sciences, mathematics, computational sciences, and engineering. The essence of the new kind of  Biology is integration–reintegration of the many sub--disciplines of biology, and the integration into biology of physicists, chemists, computer scientists, engineers, and mathematicians to create a research community with the capacity to tackle a broad range of scientific and societal problems.

The academic session for fresh students generally begins in June every year.


1.      Dr. Aby P Varghese, Associate Professor of Zoology

2.      Dr. Binitha R. N, Assistant Professor of Zoology

3.      Dr. Jyothi P. R, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

4.      Ms. Meenu Elizabeth Benny, Assistant Professor of Botany

5.      Ms. Mareena Wilson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

6.      Ms. Minna Ann Andrews, Assistant Professor in English

7.      Dr. V Aneesh Kumar, Assistant professor in Malayalam

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