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About Post Graduate Department of Sociology

The PG Department of Sociology was started in 2013 highlighting on academic excellence and skill achievement of students.  Values such as selflessness, devoutness and service are combined with leadership skills, social warmth and business insight that transform them into frontrunners of tomorrow. Students take part in pursuit of learning in an atmosphere of critical thinking, spirit of inquiry and scientific temper Inspired by the power of conquering hardships they learn to respond to the ever changing lives and the needs of people. Through its focus on teaching and learning, research and discovery, and outreach and engagement, the department creates, conveys and applies knowledge to expand personal growth and opportunity, advance social and community development, foster social responsibility and improve the quality of life.

The department initiates programmes that cater to the emerging needs of the various stakeholders in the society. It undertakes research projects, intervention programmes and extension activities, organises seminars, workshops, and field visits as part of its curriculum. The value of learning through service is suggestively incorporated in the academic programmes. The curriculum offered by the Department provides opportunities for the holistic development of the students and blends learning from the classroom with observed learning.


HOD's Desk

“Welcome to Mar Athanasius College and to the Post-Graduate Department of Sociology - one of the most captivating and exciting disciplines in social sciences! It is a science where sociologists offer theories to explain the social world that we live in, and tests them with systematic observation. Sociologists study the social worlds with sociological imaginations, service and support activities for the greater understanding and resolution for societal problems and social policy. Since its inception the Department is privileged to host many socially relevant and committed programmes till date.

Our department is devoted to providing the highest standard of academic excellence by encouraging the creative and compassionate involvement of students in activities that focus on social development. The students are given exposure as social scientists in Community Development, Human Resource Development, health and social settings. We are committed to preparing our students for life by imparting knowledge which focuses on academic competence, social skills and moral values.

We encourage you, the students, to be seekers of information, knowledge and wisdom, while continually learning and unlearning with a dialogic spirit.”


Mission of the Department

To facilitate a platform for the students to enhance their capabilities with equipped knowledge through value based learning to mould socially committed citizens.


Ø  To generate interest and in depth understanding and knowledge in Sociology.

Ø  To enhance, nourish and up bring the innate talents and skills of the students.

Ø  To inculcate value based education and develop strands of critical thinking.

Ø  To up bring socially committed and responsible citizens to the nation.





Upon completion of the M.A Sociology programme, the students will be able to:


Acquire sociological knowledge with sociological imagination, about society and social issues.


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