Department of Zoology

Life sciences have moved to the forefront of science and technology in the 21st century and Zoology has become a dynamic and increasingly important subject with the advances in molecular biology and genetic studies, imparting fascinating and significantly new insights into many aspects of animal life. Although the study of animal life is ancient, its scientific incarnation is relatively modern. 

The department offers self financing post-graduate course in Zoology and started functioning during the academic year 2012-13. The mesmerizing world of animal life is revealed through the syllabus which covers biosystematics, biochemistry, genetics, embryology, cytology, molecular biology, physiology, microbiology and biotechnology. The department has well equipped laboratories seprately for First and Second M.Sc practical work. The scientific equipments include Flame photometer,hot air oven, electrophoretic apparatus, ultra microtome etc.Well established library and IT facilities forms an intregal part of the department.

    Zoology post graduates have an increasingly wide arena of employment opportunities in industry, research and education along with a broad range of professions including journalism, law, bioethics, patenting, environmental protection, bio-conservation, technical and medical professions.Our aluminae are placed in various academic and corporate sectors.


To shape the future by preserving our heritage, discovering new knowledge and sharing our resources with the world.


To enable the students to solve problems in the laboratory, class room or field by analyzing synthesizing and evaluating information. 


a. Library: 118 Books

b. Internet facilities for Staff & Students: 5

c. Laboratories: 2

d. Lab Equipments: Computer Desktop-4, LapTop-2 ,LCD Projector-1 , Refrigerator-3 Colorimeter-3, Micropipette-3, Heamocytometer-2, Weighing balance-2, pH Meter 1, Conductivity Meter-1 ,Flame Photometer-1, Water Bath-1 ,Microtome-2 , Secchi Disc-1  , Hot Air Oven-1 ,Vaccum Pump-1, Plankton counting chamber-7, Cavity Block-15 , Camera Lucida-3, Solid stem thermometer-5, Timer-2, Micrometer-5, Hand sprayer-1, Plankton Net-1, Insect Net-1, Fish Net-1, Berlese Funnel-1, Autoclave-1, Wax Bath-1, Centrifuge-2, Magnetic Stirrer-1, Aquarium-3, Induction Cooker-1, Electric Microscope-2, Compound Microscope-17, Dissection Microscope-7, Electrophoresis unit-1, Water distillation Unit-1, Rain Gauge – 1, Laminar Air Flow – 1.

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