Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

The DST-FIST supported department of Chemistry, established in the year 1959, offers B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees in Chemistry. The department offers extensive research in various fields like nano chemistry, catalysis, organic synthesis, rubber chemistry and inorganic complexes. It has excellent faculty with eight Ph.D holders, who are actively involved in institutional and social responsibilities. The department has four non teaching staff at present. The department regularly conducts UGC and KSCSTE sponsored national seminars and workshops. It has a lead role in the NGO; ‘Pollution Control Club’ which works as subsidiary organization in the college with the Principal as the patron.

‘We are committed to prepare skill developed executives in Chemistry by imparting knowledge which focuses on academic competence, social skills and moral values.’

Job opportunities for Chemistry Graduates

Some of the options available for chemistry graduates are that of Chemists, Research Scientists, Analytical Chemists, Technical Officer, Product Development Chemists, Process Development Scientists, Quality Control Scientist, Materials Analytical Chemist, Patent Agent, Laboratory Technicians, Teachers, Technical Writers, Forensic Technician/chemists, Pharmaceutical Development chemist and/or Sales officers, Product Testing chemist and Analysts.

Job opportunities for Chemistry Postgraduates

A candidate with a Master’s degree in Chemistry can get jobs with government chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, factories , petroleum companies such as the Bharath Petroleum, Indian Oil corporation etc.  It is also feasible for candidates to get jobs as Lecturers or Assistant professors in top Universities or colleges if they have qualified in the NET exam.

Infrastructural facilities

Department of Chemistry has a library consisting of 285 books in addition to 2500 books in chemistry at M. P. Varghese Library of Mar Athanasius College. Chemistry Journals in the library are Indian Journal of Chemistry; A and B, Journal of Science Education, Indian Chemical Society, Current Science, Resonance journal of Science Education, Proceedings of Chemical Sciences, Chemistry Today, Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment, Journal of Chemical sciences, Scientific American.

Internet facilities
Computing facilities include 13 multimedia computers, 4 laptops, and one net book with broad band internet connection-Operating systems, Windows 2000 and 2007 professional and Windows Xp professional.

The department has four laboratories; two for postgraduates, one for research and one for undergraduates. The postgraduates and undergraduate laboratories have all the needed facilities like fume hoods,Centralised gas delivery system, electronic balances (with accuracy 0.1 mg and I mg),  digital potentiometer, digital conductometer, digital colorimeter, refractometer, polarimeter, pH meter, melting point apparatus, vacuum pump, centrifuge, air oven etc. The research lab has various equipment like High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, UV-VIS spectrometer, Temperature programmed Desorption Reactor, Digital Potentiometer, Digital Conductometer, Digital Colorimeter, Refractometer, ,  pH meter, Thermostat, Air Oven, Muffle Furnace, Electronic balances (with accuracy 0.1 mg and 1 mg), Microwave Oven, Rotory Shaker, Rotory Evaporator, Plastic Shredding Machine, IR thermometer, Sound Level Meter, Water Analyser, Surface Area analyser, TOC analyser, Pressure reactor.

Scholarships offered

1. Prof. V. V. Kuriakose Memorial Scholarship
2. Dr. Winny Varghese Endowment Scholarship
3. Prof. K.Georgekutty Endowment Scolarship

Extension activities

·         Publication of department newsletter-C-news since 2012.

·         Consultancy in Effluent Water Analysis, Surface area analysis And Plastic Shredding.

·         Annual Summer School programme- Manimala conducted for school students since 2006

·         Nurturing and labeling of medicinal plants in the college campus

·         Science exhibition in Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the college and Golden Jubilee celebration of the M.A. College of Engineering.

·         Petition against Endosulfan.


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