Department of History

        The Department of History  established in the college in 1979 with an under graduate course in History. History is the discipline most concerned with understanding change. It is commonly acknowledged that an understanding of the past is fundamental to an understanding of the present. The study of history is vital to a liberal arts education. History is unique among the liberal arts in its emphasis on historical perspective and context.Historians seek not only to explain historical causality--how and why change occurs within societies and cultures. They also try to account for the endurance of tradition, understand the complex interplay between continuity and change, and explain the origins, evolution, and decline of institutions and ideas. History is also distinguished by its singularly broad scope. Virtually every subject has a history and can be analyzed and interpreted in historical perspective and context; the scope of historical inquiry is bound only by the quantity and quality of surviving documents and artifact. The syllabi of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses are geared to equip students to face competitive exams like Civil Services and UGC NET / SLET. Keeping in tune with the changing times, the department has introduced papers of contemporary relevance like Gender Studies, Human Rights, International Relations, Indian Art and  Historiography etc.

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