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Mar Athanasius College has bagged the first patent for the discovery of purifying water from impurities and wastes using Hydrogen Peroxide.  The research conducted by Prof. Manju Kurian and her pupil Divya S Nair are behind this rare achievement, which may become a turning point in the field of water purification.

The components of organic waste matter are deactivated through a very complex series of reactions using Chromium Nano Ferrite as catalyst.  The harmful wastes are deposited in water by the use of pesticides, insecticides, weedicides and other germicides.  These components remain unperished in water for a long time, which leads to health hazards. The discovery is a penultimate victory of years of research, and it secures for Mar Athanasius College a place in history.   It is at a time when organic waste has become a cause for diseases, an environmental issue and also a challenge to the very existence of man.

The discovery opens up possibilities for it to be used on commercial basis.  The environment-friendly endeavours  and researches undertaken in yester years, under the leadership  the Secretary of Mar Athanasius College Association, Prof. Winny Varghese, are numerous, like the  protection  of the Kuroor rivulet, protection of natural water resources, protection  of watersheds, protection of forests, its flora and fauna,  and the awareness programmes for the propaganda against waste dumping in public places.   These programmes have engendered statewide discussions.  He has opined that this discovery and its patent bring to light the commitment to nature and congratulated Dr. Manju Kurian and Kumari Divya S Nair.  Principal Dr. Densely Jose said that she takes pride in the achievement made by her colleague. 

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